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September 15, 2017
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Fabric printing process in jaipur

jaipur is well known for its printing quality and designs. here is some printing process like hand block ,dabu ,bagru,kalamkari and screen printing used in printing at jaipur. screen printing used to print all kind of fabric. in this process first raw fabric has to wash and after that it has to dye for any base color and then when the fabric get dry it has to paste on the printing table with wax.

In manual screen printing the fabric to be printed is laid on a long table. A screen  with length slightly greater than the fabric width is fitted in a wooden frame. The design to be printed is transferred to the screen (for each colour, there is a separate screen) and the space in the screen not covered by the design is covered with an impermeable membrane so that the coloring material can only pass through that part of the design which is to be in one color.



A thick paste containing the color (dye or pigment) prevents migration of the color and the paste holds the color till it is fixed after printing and then the unwanted paste ingredients can be removed. For this appropriate thickening agents are used which increase the viscosity of the paste.

The printing paste is pressed through the screen with the help of a device having a rubber blade called squeegee . The screen is moved one repeat and the process repeated. The different color screens follow and thus the whole length of the fabric is printed. after dry of printing the fabric then goes for wash and now its ready to use.

the printed fabric can be use to make clothes like ladies kurtis,pants ,palazzo, shirts and other clothes for men and women. also fabric used to make home furnishing item.

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